The Leader in Augmented Reality for Utilities

Connecting fieldworkers to improve efficiencies and reduce errors.

Field Work Efficiency
improvement by 30%

The VisualSpection platform allows workers to complete site assessments hands-free while tagging voice field notes, photos and videos with GPS coordinates. They’re also able to  connect with co-workers in the field, and live stream video to an expert thousands of kilometres away for their review and assistance.

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Manitoba Hydro International offers individualized, in-person training, and 24/7 support.

We go to into the field to understand how frontline workers do their job—this analysis ensures our software is customized for your needs. We build to support any industry—even in the most challenging environments.

From one utility
to another.

A fully customizable platform for system integration and device management, this robust API means you don’t have to change or implement new systems.

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  • Safe


    Wearable technology provides an increased level of safety in difficult conditions in the field.

  • Productive


    Workers can access and record data hands-free, saving workers and supervisors time on the job.

  • Connected


    The distance between the field and the office disappears. You see what they see, when they see it.

  • Efficient


    Make better decisions with access to real-time data integrated into your existing enterprise systems.